Tuesday, October 19, 2010

school friends

What a whirlwind of a weekend! With gorgeous weather by our side, we celebrated special #4 birthdays for two of Grace's school friends, Julien & Lovi.

Julien had such a fun CARNIVAL! The kiddos had a blast running all around his front yard going from booth to booth! Field Day practice??? ha ha ha...
Teamwork at its best!
These little fishies were a big hit! I couldn't help sneak a pic of Julien's little brother Will, with his gorgeous curls! He was busy making the "building blocks" (aka marshmallows) disappear! he he he Happy 4th Birthday, Julien!!! Then on Sunday, we lucked out with a Golden Ticket and were magically transported to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory for Lovi's birthday! I was too busy oooh-ing and aah-ing over all the fun props to remember to take more pictures :( but here's the ChoColATe RiVer! Lovi's mom did such a great job as Willy Wonka! She had all the kids in awe! Grace & Emma scheming how to get more candy! HA! Happy 4th Birthday, Lovi!!! Aaaah, to be a kid again! :)


Teresa said...

As I'm looking at these lovely little parties of Grace's classmates, I'm thinking.."I wonder what Jessica has in mind for Grace's 4th birthday?"...surely you must be in the early stages of preparation? Any hints or teasers?

Jessica said...

Hi, Teresa!

He, he, he...I've got my own ideas BUT Grace has hers too! LOL, so we'll have to see closer to time (she keeps changing her mind). Originally I wanted to do an old fashion ice cream parlor party but she's dead set on having a "jumpy jump" (bounce house) at her party so who knows!!! :O

Teresa said...

oh can't wait to see what you...or Grace decide! Both sound like great ideas! :)