Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jump Test!

Yesterday was Grace's Jump Test at swim school. As part of their water safety curriculum, they've been practicing what to do if they accidentally fall into a pool (turn around, swim, & grab the wall), if they fall out of a boat (flip on your back & float), and if someone is drowning (throw them something to float and go tell an adult to call 911). So they finally got to act out every scenario as part of Jump Week.

Test #1: Falling into a Pool
They even had to wear clothes to make it more real :)
Can you tell she was nervously excited??? Waiting her turn. Test Time! Yay! Made it back to the wall!
Test #2: Falling out of a Boat
Life jackets on! Floating (not her favorite!) All done!
Test #3: Someome Drowning
Throwing her turtle floatie to save Ms. Megan!
Then it was time to practice some swimming skills! Practicing those windmill arms and kick, kick, kick all the way to Ms. Megan. Happy she made it! Time to dive for some rings! Rope Jump & Swim in the deep end! And she passed! Receiving her ribbon and water safety book Way to go, Grace! We're so proud of you!!!
Love you bunches,
Mama, Daddy, & Hudson

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