Monday, October 25, 2010

sugar high

The only way to make a day off from school spent at the doctor's office getting flu shots & boosters bearable...................KrISpY KreMe donuts for breakfast!And not just donuts on the go but a fun little breakfast at Krispy Kreme learning all about how those sugary bits of heaven are made. I think it was one of these signs that drew us in... Watching those little donuts "march like soldiers" and get a "sugar bath" (according to the little pumpkin) was pretty neat. Time to make our selection... So cute! Uh oh, he felt it.
What's that on my head???
So much for the cute hat :( Someone else was busy getting her sugar rush on! Mmm'mmm, I LOVE these donuts! A sticky mess! But what a fun breakfast!
So nice to go for a little treat every now and then.

...and both were super brave at the doctor's...or maybe comatose from all the sugar?!? Grace didn't even cry when she got her flu shot and poor baby H got the raw end of the deal. He got 4 shots...3 boosters + a flu shot :( Thank goodness for that well timed lollie by the nurse (yes, MORE sugar!)

Don't worry, we'll balance out with that Corn & Crawfish Bisque simmering in the crockpot and a yummy salad. Yum!


Mama Mia said...

If you feel like sharing, I'd love your Corn & Crawfish Bisque for the crockpot....I LOVE new crockpot recipes!! (anything that I can just turn on and it "cooks" itself is awesome :))
jennifer defatta

Virginia said...

Oh, my brave little angels! I know that shots are no-fun but they help to keep you healthy.
I love the pictures at the donuts place: glad you had fun there. come I didn't know about the bisque??? I hope that you saved me some!

ADA said...

I second the recipe request!! Can I get it too?

Jessica said...

Yes! I'll post it this week!