Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Class Party

Yesterday was the little pumpkin's Halloween Learning Carnival at preschool and she was so excited that FINALLY the time had come to break out the pink cowgirl costume! I was surprised when I asked her what cowgirls said and she came up with 3 phrases right away - I had no idea she really knew anything about cowgirls. I just thought she liked the costume because it was pink and she got to wear boots :) Parents were invitecd to come and participate in all the activities and I was super excited that it worked out so that both Lance and I could attend (thanks Noonie for keeping Hudson!) The kids were divided into teams and Emma, dressed up as a sweet yellow butterfly, and Grace were paired together to go through the 10 centers.

First stop: Pumpkin Decorating Emma and her cute jack-o-lantern Next stop...Halloween Headbands
The necklace station was a big hit with the girls. They made cute
CanDy CoRN NecKlaCEs and put them on right away :) Face painting was fun! I had no idea I'd be doing the painting but I didn't do too bad with the requests :)
Emma wanted a flower and a valentine rainbow.
Grace went for a flower and leggos (?) he, he, he Fishing for Pumpkins Both girls loved the halloween pencils they got as prizes. So cute that they "won" prizes at each center!

Pumpkin Cookie Decorating - I was glad all my cookies made it there okay so that the kids could have fun frosting and decorating them!
Sweet girls! Grace's masterpiece Spider Web Walk - so creative!
I love this one!! Almost there... Made it! Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss Umm, I don't think that's behind the line?!? :)
LOVE the vintage stand! Pumpkin Seriation Time for snacks! The kids liked my Candy Corn Pudding (banana, butterscotch, and white chocolate pudding layers)...
Yay! Grace, Emma, and Lovi were too busy chit chatting about Lovi's Cat Fairy costume to flash me a smile, but I got some sweet ones from their friends.

McKinley as a Blue Crayon and Kaylen as a Cowgirl Kennedy as a Pink Butterfly and sweet Solomon Julien taking a break from his Alligator costumeWhat a fun day!Thank you Mrs. Bryan and
Mrs. Peterson - you guys are the BEST!!


Kelli said...

LOVE the spider webb walk..what a cute idea!

Lindsey said...

How fun! I hope Bennett gets in there! :)