Wednesday, October 6, 2010

fun times at the circus

A couple of weeks ago we met our friends, the Bell's, at the circus. We were crazy very brave indeed...7:30 on a Friday night with 3 little ones...what were we thinking??? ;) Hudson wasn't too sure what to make of the circus......but he watched in awe from the comfort of Daddy's lap. This elephant was a big hit with our littles! Pretty neat if you ask me! Can you see the cotton candy traces??? I love this cotton-candy-stuffed-sugar-high little face!!! Grace & Hudson were so excited that Noonie & Papa J met us there. But by intermission the littles were growing restless so it was time to pack it up and head on home! But not before hearing, "Can I have a pony unicorn, pleeeeeaaaase?!?!" Mama wasn't too keen on the $10 prize tag but she's a smart one, I tell ya!
"Daaaaady, pleeeeeaaaase????"
...and Daddy caved! He couldn't resist his little girl! HA! So "Uni" came home with us...and he's been her constant companion ever since. Uni got a little ouchie "he's all wrinkly mama, help him" and he's now sporting bandaids of all kinds ;)

Fun times indeed!


Heather L. said...

Too cute that Daddy bought it for her! And only you guys would have perfect circus outfits - SOOOO adorable!!!

Amber said...

Oh how I want to take Reese to the circus...she would LOVE it. Yay for being brave and heading out at 7:30. Love G & H adorable circus outfits!!!

Melissa said...

They are so cute!!! Their outfits are precious! You always have them dressed so sweet! Is Grace looking more and more like you everyday or what? She's a doll! I love reading your blog and seeing all of your creativity! You inspire me girl!! Keep the ideas coming!!!

Em said...

You are SO BRAVE!
Many years ago the circus came to Hawaii. Perhaps it was the ride over that got the elephant mad, who knows. He killed his trainer during the show and ran through the city until he was shot. I am more afraid of the circus than of 10 toddlers at midnight. I am so glad you're safe ; )
I love toys like the unicorn (though I think my little ones would have had to bat their eyes at Daddy, too!). They're big and flashy and yet they deflate and hide quite well :)

My Pigeon Pair said...

Those outfits for the Circus are just toooo cute! Ane matching too! Love it!