Sunday, October 19, 2008

Meet my friend...Strawberry Shortcake!

Grace has been crazy about Strawberry Shortcake ever since her halloween costume arrived in the mail. SS is now her tag along buddy. Whispering secrets to SS and giving her a little smooch :) Watching Dora while holding SS - think Dora is jealous? It's not everyday that Grace gets to hang out with Papa A.J. because of his work, but when she does, she is over the moon happy! Ready, set, GO! "Again, again!" We feel blessed that Grace has her grandparents nearby. She loves her Mimi & Pop and Noonie & Papa A.J. and talks about them all the time :)


Courtney said...

I am so jealous of Grace's boots. Target, right? I bought them for Molly, but they wouldn't zip up around her chubby legs so I had to return them. Cute polka dot table. I am starting to look for a table and chairs for Molly. I've found several I like and will post them soon. Where did you get yours?
I'm also looking for a baby doll stroller. Does Grace have one? I think I'm going to get the Chicco one. It's pink and grey.

Sweet P Preston said...

Strawberry Shortcake was my favorite when I was little. I was her one year for halloween, too, and had a SS b-day party. It was good seeing yall Sunday too. Take care.

Jessica said...

Yup, the boots are from Target - love them! Grace still getting used to walking in them - she sort of stomps in them right now :) . Our table is from babystyle - wanted something that blended with our kitchen/great room since that's where we keep it. Now I'm looking for one for Grace's play room (pink/green/yellow), but I think I may end up buying a plain one and refinishing it myself. We don't have a doll stroller :( - she stuffs her dolls in the shopping cart, LOL!

Jessica said...

Don't you love how all the toys we used to play with are coming back in style? Does that mean we're getting old??....hmmmm - NOPE!

Courtney said...

Here is one table and chairs set that I like and its pink/green/ yellow.

Jessica said...

Thanks for the link!

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