Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Program

Today was Grace's easter egg hunt & music program at school. Last year the egg hunt was rained out so we were super excited that the weather today was gorgeous!

The little pumpkin has a fashion sense all her own, so when she insisted on wearing her beloved sTRaWbERry WeLLieS with her hand-embroidered apron dress I knew it was futile to argue. Yes, I'm learning (see HERE, number 3). Plus she DID look awful cute! See that basket??? Well, a little after midnight last night as I was putting the treat bags for her class in my car I noticed the school note that said "children should bring an easter basket with their name on it". Yikes! Her monogramed bunny basket is too tiny so I had to make her other basket work...and fast!

Nothing like last minute to push the bounds of creativity!! So I found this ribbon that had her name on it, picked a few flowers from a flower arrangement and pulled out the glue gun...had I had more time I would have done something prettier but I don't think it turned out too least Grace thought it was pretty and pink :) Family photo op...crazy as usual. Time to look for eggs! The sweetest moment was when Grace's little "boyfriend" Miles came running toward her saying "Grace, I found you a PINK egg!" So sweet those two! Admiring her pink eggs. And then returning the favor :) ..."I think Miles would like a purple one." Even little brother got in on the action. Hey...I know what these are now! Then it was time for some sweet songs! A little shakin'...and a little singin'......and a little huggin' your best friend Ava. The little pumpkin loves music, can't you tell? Such a fun morning with sweet kiddos singing their little hearts out!

You sang beautifully little pumpkin!
We are so proud of you Grace!!
Daddy, Mama, Hudson, & Noonie who was there too!


Amber said...

What a sweet post! I laughed a little too! I love that Miles gave Grace the pink egg! What a sweetheart. Looks like day the was greatly enjoyed by all!

As far as the Wellies that Grace insisted on wearing(which a pair has ended up in Reese's basket since I couldn't resist the strawberries)....Reese's new thing is that she gets to pick out which shoes she wears(girls after my own heart) and of course tehy are never the ones that mommy want her to wear. She found her 2 pair of winter boots yesterday that I had put in a pile of clothes that need stored away. She insisted on having them on and then proceeded to say over and over again "outside, outside". Did I mention that yesterday and today have been the warmest days of this year :) Guess we are both in lots of trouble...hehe.

Sweet P Preston said...

cute tea party.

Jessica said...

Thanks Julie!

Amber~ Yes, ma'am. Get ready! Shoes, bows - Grace has an opinion about it all! LOL, I don't let her pick out the outfits for school or we would be in big trouble! At home - anything goes!