Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer Lovin' {fashion picks}

I've been good lately. Haven't even checked out most sites because I figured I can't like what I don't know is there. But...

Today I decided I needed to take a peek to see all the fun spring/summer fashion out there. Spring is my favorite season to shop for.

And lookie, lookie what I found! Perfect for a Pool Party, don't you think? Dress & Swimsuit by Old Navy.
Sprite Leggins by
Matilda Jane.

One of these is already in the little pumpkin's closet. Can you guess which one? I'm thinkin' the other two need to be there too!

If you know of some cute sandals to match, let me know!!!

And I even found a little something I like - yes, vintage inspired and tacky in a good way :) Photo Credit: Trendy Bindi's Boutique

It's out of my price range so I'll have to keep an eye out for something similar while I'm at Canton Trade Days for a girls day out with my dear friend Heidi in May! Can't wait!

And in the meantime...maybe I'll get inspired to make something out of these gorgeous Girly Girl fabrics! Photo Credit: Fabrics I Love

What's your favorite spring find?


Spears said...

love those mj leggins...I'm guessing your Grace already has them :)
btw, LOVE the sweet Easter pics! Hudson looks sooooo cute in the Humpty Dumpty jonjon!!

Amber said...

I am loving all of the Liberty of London items at Target altely. They have a few really cute dress for the little ones and some nice thingd for us big girls that I would like to purchase :)

Jessica said...

YES! Grace has those MJ leggins and I've been debating what to put them with...until now! HE, HE, HE And I L-O-V-E that humpty dumpty jon jon - it's my fave!!

I love the new Liberty line @ Target - such cute prints!!

Heather L. said...

Love the colors!!!!

Jessica said...

Aren't they fun, Heather?!

And an update in case anyone looks for these clothes. The swimsuit ran SMALL. Grace wears a 3T in swimsuits and I could barely squeeze her in it. Had to return it. And the dress, ran BIG and LONG. I ordered it in a 4T which Grace wears in dresses with no problem and the dress was down to her ankles, like a nightgown. Ended up returning that too! So now...what to put with those fun MJ leggins??!! :)