Thursday, April 29, 2010


Look at all the pretties I found...

Spring = chicken salad + fresh fruits from the farmers market + picnic baskets + kids running barefoot + al fresco dining + back & forth between the kitchen and the backyard...Who am I kidding. It's really all an excuse to wear a pretty apron! I admit to a smallish apron obsession ;)

Scarlet Roses Apron

Aren't these yo-yos the sweetest?! You can find funktion aprons at many retailers including Layla Grayce.

Zoe tablecloth by funktion Berry Baskets dishtowel guessed it funktion! One of my faves. And I can't wait for this one! Hmmm...Mother's Day IS coming up.
{This is a hint for you, hon!} :)


Em said...

Thanks for the new stuff to drool over. The apron is adorable-I bet you could make one!

Jessica said...

I'm dreamin' up all kinds of aprons, Em!