Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~*I*~ fairies ~*I*~

I think the little pumpkin inherited my love for party planning. Ever since she received THIS fairy dress-up at her strawberry birthday party she's been talking about her NEXT birthday...nevermind that it's 11 months away! By the way Aunt Marilyn - Grace wears this dress-up EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. - Thank You so much for getting it for her!!

And so you guessed it, she says she wants a fairy birthday party - of course, there's still time for her to change her mind, after all she DID tell me she wanted an Easter Egg Hunt birthday party after our many egg hunts this year ;) But I hope she doesn't change her mind. A fairy birthday would be so very cute! I think I would go with a Woodsy Garden Fairyland theme to have lots of options and include all the little boys in our life.

There are so many cute fairy birthday ideas and goodies out there it would be so easy to plan. I'm lovin' THIS fairy birthday from The TomKat Studio, especially the sweet fairy wings , invites, and the color scheme. Even THESE might come in handy! And how fun would it be to make toadstool tables for all the kids' crafts in the backyard fairyland? Like this one by Chasing Fireflies. I'm thinking we could make these ladybugs Grace made at school today. In PINK, of course. Just a red paper plate, googly eyes, and black construction paper. Easy/Fun/Non-messy Craft = Good Craft! Everyone knows fairy dust is a must, so I'm thinking this idea would be just perfect. I'm pretty certain Pink + Sprinkles = A Very Good Thing in Grace's book.
Fairy Dust via Kelle of Enjoying the Small Things, one of my new fave blogs thanks to my friend Cori.

So that's it for now. And lest you think I've forgotten about the birthday at hand, let me just say that I'm having too much fun with Hudson's Dr. Seuss theme!!!
Red + Aqua = LOVE Inspiration board to come soon...


Amber said...

Oohhh...what a fun birthday theme! I make tutu's and flower clips if you happen to need some in about 11 months :) I'm sure I could figure out the wands too!

Amanda said...

the fairy party is most certainly aevery little girls right of passage!...when charlotte had hers (her 3rd!) we did the fairy dust too! the girld LOVED ut, moms...not so much, ha! but we tied it up in small cello bags with a wand! sounds like your off to a good start!...

Heather L. said...

Haha - yes, it seems Grace is following in your footsteps! Both of my girls are the same way - total planners when it comes to parties. And a year is never too early to start planning =)

My best friend had a fairy party for her daughter awhile back - I'll have to remember what all she did. It was so pretty! I will ask her to help me recall all the details. She did something really neat with the invites if I recall correctly.

Have fun!

TaDa! Creations said...

A fairy party sounds delightful. I may have to start planting that in my girls' ears. Did you know that tutus sets were some of the first customs I sold? Lovin' the toadstool table sets. My wheels are turning on how to make those. I'm so excited to see all of Hudson's Birthday details!

Jessica said...

That's good to know, Amber! :)

Amanda~ I LOVE the idea of tying the fairy dust to magic wands!!! What a cute "out of the box" invitation!!! Thanks!!

Heather~ I would love to see pics! BTW, I haven't forgotten your b-day hat!! I didn't like how the first one turned out (fabric colors) so I started fresh with new fabrics. Soon!

Angel~ I didn't know tutu sets were some of your first customs!! How fun! Wouldn't that be such a fun party??? Maybe Ana could come up with some toadstool plans for us ;) he, he, he

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