Wednesday, April 28, 2010

on blessings and rituals

For the longest time our nightime routine with the little pumpkin has gone something like this: dinner, bath, books (with daddy), prayers, cuddle time (with mama), lights out. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Well, except one little thing. Ever since the little pumpkin was born, Lance tenderly referred to her as Gracie. Now, I'm not too fond of the nickname Gracie, I much prefer her given name of Grace, but coming from her daddy it DOES sound so very sweet. I'll admit I've called her Gracie Girl a time or two, substituting Gracie for "crazy" a fun, good-natured way of course. Well, a while back I remember coming in to her room ready for prayers & cuddle time and hearing Lance singing to her, Grace looking ever so tenderly at him filled with admiration like little girls do when looking at their daddies. He was singing Amazing Grace to her, except he called it the Gracie Song and she just soaked it up. Me too... x100. Fast forward to this week. Last night to be exact. Lance has been out of town for work so I'm pulling double duty (boy, am I tired!). Right after our prayers, Grace requested the Gracie Song. I hesitated. A ritual between father and daughter not to be tresspassed. I love rituals and traditions and family memories like you would not believe. I think they shape every fiber of our being. She insisted and so I did my best rendition of Amazing Grace. Thank goodness she was listening to me with loving ears for I'm no singer. At the end of the song, as she was beginning to drift off, she smiled sweetly, took my face into her little hands, and said "Amazing Mama"{insert heart flutter here} and then gave me a little kiss. Amazing how two little words can fill up your love tank and make you walk on air. Thank you God for the privilege you have given Lance and I to parent these two beautiful children.
It is the greatest gift on earth!


Amber said...

wow...almost brought tears to my eyes! I can only imagine how it made you feel. I was just telling Lee last night that this is nothing better or nothing like being a mama :) Why must they grow up way so fast!!!

Mary Beth said...

that post literally brought tears to my eyes! I call Molly Grace my Molly Gracie girl often! I have sung Amazing Grace to her almost every single day of her 9+ months of life!

Farris Family said...

That melted me heart!

Lindsey said...

That was so sweet!!!

Tasha Horsley said...

what a very sweet story!

Lyndsey said...

Jessica this post is AMAZING! It blessed my heart for sure! Grace is such a sweetie!

Jessica said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments! Grace has a great big heart and I love, love, love that about her! said...

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