Saturday, April 3, 2010


HA HA - made you look! No, not preggers.

Everywhere these two go we always get asked if they're twins. They're both the same height and have the same color of hair and they're only 6 months apart. Today they even kind of matched so I guess 'twins' isn't that far off :) Hayden belongs to my good friend Bridgette. He's such a fun little guy - love him!

Bridgette and her family invited us to join them for some Easter festivities. The day was gorgeous and we had a lot of fun.

First stop, the Easter Bunny. Hayden had no problem going up to the bunny - he just marched up there matter-of-factly and waited for his turn to get some candy. The little pumpkin? Not so much. She was terrified of the bunny and clung to her daddy's neck like there was no tomorrow. I don't blame her really, the Easter Bunny is right up there with clowns for me - DON'T LIKE THEM.

But I couldn't let my silly fears get in the way of Hudson having a chance to get up close and personal with Mr. Bunny for the first time. He wasn't scared at all. He just stared at the bunny as if to say "WHAT exactly are you?" After visiting the Bunny it was time to line up for the egg hunt. Another first for Hudson. No, not the egg hunt. Riding in the stroller looking out!!! Now, I'm not sure why we haven't put him in there like that before except we've been using the snap stroller frame. But he LOVED it! Maybe it was the fact he had his snacks right there in front of him within easy reach??? :)

Off to find some eggs - pink ones, of course. But an exception was made for a blue one...for her "bruder". Hayden found eggs in all kinds of cool places! After the egg hunt we let them play & run around an indoor gym until they were tired (read: good nap :) and then we headed home. Thanks for inviting us Bridgette, Lane & Hayden!!! But dreams of naptime were soon least by one curious little monkey. Naptime...What's that? Hope you have a beautiful God-filled Easter Sunday!
Happy Easter!!

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