Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Official Correspondence. Mimi & Noonie~ I hope you liked the letters Grace mailed you yesterday...her first official letters to mail. She was so proud of them, the sticker "stamps" and all, and so excited to know if you had received them.

Cuddly Critter. Oh, my! This little one takes my breath away. He is so deliciously sweet and cuddly. He is a snuggler. He loves nothing more than being snuggled up in our bed. He will wiggle and scoot - even when completely asleep - to snuggle up right beside me or Lance, whoever is closer. Yes, this means he usually ends up in our bed when he wakes up in the wee hours :) I love the little sounds he makes while sleeping. Love the way he smells right out of the bath. Love this boy in his jammies! Dinosaurs. Trains. Boy jammies are so much cuter than girl jammies ;)

By faith. This past weekend at a local spring market, I found a jeweler that sold those two charms above (the faith one and the one with the little bird). I had the word FAITH hand stamped on the doily charm. I should have had BY FAITH stamped on it. That's why I got it. I want to remind myself to live by faith alone.

Fabric Love I'm lovin' these fabrics! Maybe for a fun little sundress like this one: Tiered Flouncy Sundress - find the pattern HERE. I want to make it. Sewing bug - why did you have to come and bite??? :) And because sadly I hoard fabric like Grace hoards crayons, I reeeeaaaally NEED this one: Alexander Henry Paris Park in Blue

Fishing. Never done it. Honestly, something about seeing those poor little fishies with a hook down their throat makes me squirm. I have no problem eating fish, though! Double standard, I know. This past weekend we went to a fishing tournament for work. I learned a lot, like how they weigh fish and that they put the fish back in the water (whew!). The littles had fun checking things out. Here's Grace - eyes wide open - as they took a large fish out of what looked like a ziploc bag and plopped it down in a target-like shopping basket to weigh it. Poor fish was flopping all around. Yes, a first for me. For Lance. For Grace. For Hudson. Fun times.


Farris Family said...

Hudson looks so big in this picture! He is growing fast! Blessings!

Em said...

Yummy fabric! And I love your new necklace.

Unknown said...

What a lovely blog!!!!! I love your style, and what a precious family! I want to add ruffles to the sleeves of all of my cardigans--NOW! So cute.

I absolutely LOVE your vintage Strawberry Shortcake themed party, and would love to chat with you about it further....if you wish, please e-mail me at to discuss further! Thank you so very much!


Angela said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the pictures! You have a gorgeous family! I want that necklace!!!

Jessica said...

Farris Fan~ Emma Grace is too cute for words!! Love the dress with the yellow chicks!

Em~ Can't you just see those fabrics mixed in with some vintage linens for some OOAK pieces!!!! I heart fabric :)

Kate~ Thanks for stopping by!! I emailed you this morning under the subject line "Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Party" in case it goes to spam :)

Angela~ LOVE the chore chart you guys are doing with your daughter!! Oh, and if you want to find out more about the necklace here's the link:

They sell the charms individually so you can even add them to a necklace you already own like I did! :)

Virginia said...

YES!!!! I did receive Grace's letter and OHHH! what a sweet surprise it was! I love how excited she got when I phoned her to tell her that I had receive it; can't believe that she even remembered what was on the letter!
Grace, you are so special to me! I hope that when Hudson grows up a little you will teach him how to write and mail letters to me too.
Love you with all my heart,