Saturday, October 9, 2010

and the quest begins...


2 little words. 8,457 photos I'm sure...just to get 1 or 2 or 3 that will make the cut.

I like to try and shoot a couple of informal sessions just to have some options and not feel so much stress going into THE BIG ONE. You know...the one with an actual photographer and not just mama chasing littles around trying to get some spontaneous shots and some sweet smiles.

But getting 2 little ones under 4 to look in the same direction and smile is no easy feat so guess I'll be holding my breath for our Oct. 29 session with a very sweet friend who's on for the challenge. No pressure or anything, Leah! :)

Some fun ones from our afternoon walking around the art gallery grounds... Little Miss Personality belting it out with a made-up song. My sweet boy...checking out big sister's antics! When she didn't know I was taking one...This little guy is always ON.THE.GO!!! HAPPY!.....maybe because we were all done??? :) But sometimes you just get lucky and catch them in the moment and it just melts your heart. So blurry or not, I can't wait to put up a few of these in frames around the house!


Virginia said...

Not easy to take...but good pictures!!!

Mary Beth said...

love these pictures!

Amber said...

Love the one of Grace singing...hehehe