Friday, October 22, 2010

big boy haircut!

We paid Mimi a little visit this morning for the all-important FIRST HAIRCUT!

A little spritz and we're ready to start.
Check out that sweet baby face! Yay for a Mimi who could take all the wiggling in stride! Checking out what Mimi's doing Sweet little cheeks and baby fine hair...Goodbye sweet baby locks :( Already looking more like a big boy *sniff, sniff* :( Getting a little help from Aunt Tammie! Just about out of patience :) All done! The back view Lookin' good! Handsome boy!
Thank you Amber for the super cute shirt!!!! LOVE IT!
ThANk YoU, MimI!!! Lookin' so grown up! ...and even though you look like such a big boy now Hudson, you are still my baby!


coolkids said...

love the big boy hair cut! Too cute. My son has a similar do. Love the tie shirt and sneakers. We have a short sleeve tie shirt. Now, we need a long sleeve one!

TaDa! Creations said...

Awe!!! Love it! Every single picture is priceless and adorable. Isn't it amazing what a difference that first haircut can make? And wow he has super thick hair! So sad to see how quickly he's grown up, but so looking forward to watching the big boy her's turning into.

We love your new big boy haircut Hudson! And we super duper hope we can swing by your city in just 3 weeks to give you a squeeze.

Amber said...

Such a handsome little guy!!! Love the new hair cut and great job Mimi...little guys are the hardest to cut :)

Hudsome looks adorable in his shirt! I was really thinking I wanted a girl for our next little one, but all the recent posts of Hudson and his cute outfits are making think I need a little guy in the family :)

Sweet P Preston said...

cute do, Hudson! Your Mimi gave Preston his first "real" haircut. I hope you don't wiggle like Sweet P, otherwise your Mimi has to work super extra hard.

Super cute! You are growing too fast!

Jenn said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! He is absolutely adorable! It is so hard to make that first cut but it always looks so much thicker when you do. He looks just darling!! LOVE IT!!

Jessica said...

Thank you guys! He DOES look so much older/grown up
sniff, sniff :(

Angel~ YES, YES, YES!! I sure do hope so too!!