Tuesday, October 5, 2010


...on the way to help a little boy celebrate his birthday in a most seusserific kind of way! Happy 2nd Birthday, Cullen!


Heather L. said...

Ahhh, your hats are always so perfect! Love this one!

Amber said...

Eeekkk...adorable!!! I LOVE that suess fabric!!! Wish I could get my hands on some! Love your hats :)

It's the "Little" Things.... said...

Thank you so much Jessica!! I LOVE Cullen's Dr. Seuss Party Hat!! Thank you so much!!

Lori Beth said...

Super cute! My son will be celebrating his first birthday with a Dr. Seuss theme in a couple weeks. That's actually how I found your blog. I was searching for Seuss ideas back in August. :) I love your blog and your creativity!

Teresa said...

Love it! Is that Dr Seuss fabric or paper? I bet the birthday boy's mother was thrilled with these.

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