Sunday, October 3, 2010

special delivery...from across the miles

As if our earlier arcade fun wasn't enough when we got home yesterday, there was a very special delivery waiting for the little pumpkin! Her cousin Abi sent her a belated birthday present full of goodies!
...trying hard to make out some of the spanish words...but the stickers were the universal language! So excited to find...A PINK OWL NECKLACE!!! She loved the teddy bear stickers too, but it was this little fella that had her the most excited... Look mama PAINTS!!! I GET TO PAINT MY OWN PIGGY BANK!!!!! And so after nap time...
(this may have been the fastest Grace EVER fell asleep ;)
PAINT TIME! The piggy bank, now nicknamed "Petunia", got a nice shade of aqua green. Abi, did you see what she was wearing??? She loved mixing the colors to get the shade just right. Petunia was looking rather cute, but then... dum-dum-dum-dum... Don't you know pigs like to roll in the mud???????!!!!!! THANK YOU ABI FOR THE SWEET GIFTS!!!
Grace had a blast painting Petunia :)


Heather L. said...

I can't get over her cute pumpkin outfit! Seriously, her wardrobe is just amazing!

I would like an owl necklace just like that - for me. To wear now. SO adorable! How neat that she got a gift from so far away.

Amy Hightower Murphy said...

Oh my! My little girl Emme Claire needs that necklace! It is so cute! We have a house full of owls. Owl was the first animal word she ever said, she's 17 months old. I wonder if I could find that somewhere in the states?

Jessica said...

He he, thanks Heather! I love those polka dot pants too! :)

Amy~ the necklace came from Claire's! So I bet you can find one here too!!!