Thursday, April 8, 2010

gym time!

...for Hudson AND me! This weekend I'm starting this: I ordered the dvd's a couple of weeks ago and with the busyness of birthday month March and then Easter I have yet to start them...but it's time! HAVE to get rid of these 10lbs I gained AFTER I stopped breastfeeding Hudson...and then some from before too. So wish me luck!


On Tuesday we tried out the Family Gym class at Gymboree. It's where you can take siblings of different ages and they have activities for all of them. Even better, the class time is after Lance gets off work so he came and it was so much better to have a 2:2 ratio, rather than me trying to juggle both kids during Grace's regular class on Fridays. After seeing Hudson's reaction, we're definitely making the switch!

Here are a some pics of our adventure. Hudson LOVED it!!

Checking things out... He LOVED the bright colored balls. Rockin'...not too sure about the horsey just yet. By the way, I've been looking EVERYWHERE for an old-fashioned rocking horse to take some pics of Hudson in a sweet little cowboy-inspired denim one-piece I got at the reruns sale for $4 (yea!) and have had no luck :( If you spot one online that doesn't have like a $$$ shipping cost - let me know!

I have a feeling he's going to be an early walker...I'm so NOT ready! Bubble Time! What is it about bubbles that keeps kids mesmerized??? :) Learning how to catch bubbles on his toes...getting a little help from big sis. And my most favorite picture of all - I LOVE THIS ONE!!! This may have to make its way to a frame for Father's Day...shhhh. Do you see how happy Hudson is????
LOVE IT...the picture...the little guy...the big guy! ♥♥♥


Amber said...

Good luck on the new work-out. I have eyed this one before. Let me know how you like it...I need to find something to be able to do at home too :)

Your little man is growing too fast!!! But isn't it fun to watch them start experiencing all the new things.

Em said...

I did this after I had my first baby. I lost tons of weight in that 6 weeks!
Hmmm....maybe I should do it again (:

Jenn said...

Well...I have the perfect rocking horse in my garage. All you need to do is head to Kansas City and I'd love nothing more than to photograph Mr. Cutie Pants on it!!!!


Jessica said...

I'll let you know, Amber! :)

Yay, Em!!!! That's what I needed to hear! I'm so hoping this does it for me!

Jenn!!!!! You know I would love that...if only you lived closer :( mom and I ARE talking about flying this year for our annual mother-daughter-grandkids trip. he, he, he

Mary Beth said...

I'm with everyone else...let me know how it goes! After I stopped breast feeding I can seem to get back to my weight pre baby and being a single mommy means no time to hit up a gym! Hudson is definitely a cutie!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Mary Beth! So is MG!!! I'll let you guys know how it goes :)