Tuesday, April 6, 2010

in the blink of an eye...7, 8, 9

How is it possible that this little guy is already 9 months...3/4 of a year old.

He keeps me on my toes... {do you see the bar BEHIND his head???!!!} but most importantly he keeps my heart warm. He is so snuggly and delicious most days I just want to love on him all day long and squish kisses all over those sweet baby rolls. He is such a happy baby, content to just explore new things play with his toys or go for a ride. I'm in so much trouble... every single time I tell him "No!" he looks at me and flashes me the sweetest smile on earth...which makes my heart skip a beat and then I'm 0% effective at sticking my ground. I just scoop him up and dance like only mamas can. He laughs and coyly throws his little head to the side as if to say, "Gotcha". Yes, you do my sweet boy. Yes, you do.

He's recently found his vocal chords and he's not afraid to use them :) and he likes to grunt like a bear too. We think you're pretty funny, Hudson! You know what else you like to do like a bear? Eat! The messier, the better.

In the blink of an eye you went from learning to do this (02/12/10) to pulling up on just about anything, especially when there's a reward involved :) You've started letting go too and just this past saturday (04/03/10) you stood up all by yourself!!!! You quickly grabbed on to the windowsill but you felt so proud and I was super proud of you too my big boy! So let's make a deal. How about you stay little forever or at least slow down a bit, okay? I love you Hudson...with all my heart!


Mary Beth said...

He is soo cute!! MG is 9 months old today...when is Hudson's birthday??

Jessica said...

Happy 9 month birthday, Molly Grace!!! Hudson's b-day is June 22nd :)

Mary Beth said...

They are birthday buddies!

Heather L. said...

He is just precious!!! He and Carter would get along well - they are both mischevious but can get away with anything they want when they look at their Mamas! Ha!

Jessica said...

They so would have a blast together, Heather!!! Wish you lived closer!!